Carper Family @ Mango’s Cafe

Sunday’s craziness ended with such a cool little event. Ellen and I headed downtown to check out the Carper Family. I am sure they might define themselves differently, but I would call them a blue grassy, really old country, folk band. There are multiple reasons why this show was so cool. First of all we are linked to one of the band members: Jennifer Miori. My wife is also a musician/singer, and Jenn was the person who really inspired Ellen to use her talentedness for music. Secondly, Ellen’s dad (my father-in-law) John Armour was a guest musician. He got a chance to do what he love: play music, in the genre he loves most: bluegrass. John picked the banjo and mandolin for the Carper Family. It was such a great night. It felt more like a reunion than anything because a ton of us family and friends showed up to support Jenn. (And in the case of our family Mr. Armour.) I will have to say this: even if you don’t particularly like that style of music–go and find a Carper Family CD. They are incredible. They have a very cool sound. Now I will say the following pictures are way grainy (noisy) because I pretty much shot in the dark. There were no stage lights save a couple floods with a barn door. But the graininess is kinda fitting. The show was a perfect cap to a wonderful weekend.

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Christie Lacy - April 27, 2010 - 10:44 am

Oh how I love the feel of these images! I will definitely check them out! I love different sounds and especially folky and bluegrassy!

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