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A Smile to Make a Mom Proud

For those of you who do not know: Ellen and I had the amazing opportunity to be youth pastors previously in life. It was a ton of fun, and we made lifetime friends. We are still very much involved in church we just don’t work at one full time any more. We stepped away to […]

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My Duty.

So I just finished selecting out photos for a family shoot I was honored to capture while I was visiting in GA. I will definitely share the whole shoot later, but I feel like it is necessary to share this photo now. I love it. It has jumped into one of my favorites of all […]

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Slackin’ on My Pimpin’ Toss It Up

Money ain’t a thang. Sorry but that song has been in my head ever since Ben Jammin’ invited me to join him in slacklining. I have been pestering him since his glorious return from Utah to go out sometime and slack it up. Well, Ben and his wonderful wife Katie finally moved into our area […]

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Matt and Caroline

This past weekend I was honored to get the chance to see one of my best friends Matt Collins marry the woman of his dreams: Caroline Jones. Matt is a graduate of Georgia Tech and Caroline is a graduate of the best school in the world: University of Georgia. It was a great experience to […]

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My Amazing Wife

My wife is truly amazing. I have a limited set of talents. I am very proud of these gifts and always want to use them to the best of my abilities. My wife Ellen, however, is choc-full of talents. One those is really a talent I envy: music. Sure most anyone could learn how to […]

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