A Smile to Make a Mom Proud

For those of you who do not know: Ellen and I had the amazing opportunity to be youth pastors previously in life. It was a ton of fun, and we made lifetime friends. We are still very much involved in church we just don’t work at one full time any more. We stepped away to pursue a few dreams of ours. Matthew was one of our students. I remember when he first started in the youth group…now, if he wanted to he could twist me into a pretzel. (Not saying that he couldn’t when he first started coming…I mean hello I am a small guy. But now he for sure can.) He has grown up to be quite a sharp young man. I ran into his mother a couple months ago. She said Matthew was due to get his braces off and wanted some new pictures of that million dollar smile. (At least I am sure that is what it feels like to a parent after vesting the time and money into braces for their children.) Of course I was honor to oblige the request. The Kucharski family is such and incredible family. They hail from Scotland and have awesome accents. I seriously could listen to Mrs. Kucharski explain the scientific process of paint drying and it would be spectacular. I have been blessed to have the chance to work with such great families in previous ventures in life like student ministry and now in the current venture of photography. I still cannot believe I get to do what I do for a living. Thanks for the opportunity to capture such timeless images of your son. Matthew: you impress me friend. I look forward to seeing the man you become.

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