My Duty.

So I just finished selecting out photos for a family shoot I was honored to capture while I was visiting in GA. I will definitely share the whole shoot later, but I feel like it is necessary to share this photo now. I love it. It has jumped into one of my favorites of all time. This young man is Greyson Meyers. The Meyers are very good friends of ours. They used to live here in Texas but were drawn to GA a few years ago…sad for us. But any chance we have to share time with Dayna and Eric and their two boys we take with excitement. Dayna may seriously be the sweetest person in the world. Not kidding: picture if you can a grandmother full of hugs, a best friend full of life, the cutest sorority girl you can think of, and mix in a double portion of selflessness. Put all of that into a petite southern belle and you will have Dayna Meyers. Her husband Eric is for sure the balance of her. He is a great guy with a servants heart. I know what you’re thinking. “I want friends like that.” Well, if you live in GA I am sure they would welcome you with open arms.

We all ventured out to capture their moments together as a family. The problem: it was HOTTTTTT. Like humid, inside of a mouth, wet blanket of fire kinda hot. The shoot went awesome considering the elements. When I was finished capturing the Meyers I was moving on to Dayna’s sister family. The Meyers were waiting and watching this shoot. They boys figured that since it was hot: take off shirt. These two boys were roaming around shirtless enjoying being boys–full of life and adventure. So, I paused briefly to capture the moment and out popped this glorious shot of little two year old Greyson. This is really one of those pictures that becomes my duty to share as quickly as possible. These little sneak happenings are the photolicious shots I live for. Yes Greyson is single. Just in case anyone out there is looking to betroth a daughter to marriage. He is going to grow up to be the best looking Mario Brother out there. (They rather enjoy their Nintendo Wii.)

You know I have one of those pictures that has to be shared with the world from when I was a little boy too:


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