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Welcome Home 72nd IBCT!

Ellen and I went to welcome home soldiers from Iraq this morning at Cy Ranch High School. The cheerleaders, band, and drill team were all there cheering for the arrival: along with friends, family, and people from the community. What a special occasion to witness and be a part of. I overheard a mom say […]

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Local Artists to Help NAM

I try as much as I possibly can to keep up with what is going on in the community. Well for the next couple of weeks, you can check out a really cool “event” going on at Vintage Park. Northwest Assistant Ministries is conducting one of its fundraisers there. Life-size fiberglass horses will be painted […]

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Randy: Eric, I have an idea for a shoot I want to try…

Eric: Ok. I have been playing around with lighting the past few days and had an idea I wanted to try out. Eric and Jordan were good enough sports to humor me so in return I took some normal shots of them too. The first ones were just me playing with light and the later […]

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Light Play #2

Hey guys. I want to start this out by giving a HUGE shout out to Zack Arias and creativeLive. creativeLive is an incredible site that is the brain child of Chase Jarvis. Chase is a photographer based out of Seattle. He is amazing and inspirational because of how he is always trying the new thing […]

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The Little Things to Keep Busy

I don’t do to well with sitting and doing nothing. I can. It’s just not what I prefer. Mix in a wonderful wife who ADORES her sit and relax time: you get a very restless Randy. I am always in need of a creative outlet. (Something to do.) I get these ideas rolling around in […]

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