Slackin’ on My Pimpin’ Toss It Up

Money ain’t a thang. Sorry but that song has been in my head ever since Ben Jammin’ invited me to join him in slacklining. I have been pestering him since his glorious return from Utah to go out sometime and slack it up. Well, Ben and his wonderful wife Katie finally moved into our area of living and so Ben said,”Hey Randy, Want to go slacklining on Thursday?” Randy says yes. I tell you what: I loved it. I really am going to more than likely annoy Ben with my unending–“Hey Ben, want to come over and slackline.” I didn’t want to hold Ben back so we set the line high and set it up pretty long. Needless to say not easy. But, by the end of the time spent I was getting to about 5 steps and could jump mount the line. I think I will attribute that to my former life as a ballet dancer. But for real I used to be a ballet dancer. (Best shape of my life.) So here is a pretty boring video of me slacklining. Of course there is no proof that I was getting pretty good by the end of our time; all of the clips are of me falling. Oh well. But anyways–eagerly anticipate the next time the slacklining blog pops up: BECAUSE I WILL BE A PRO!

…Well I am an idiot and cannot get my video to work…so stay posted I’ll try to get it up soon. But imagine it in your head. It is awesome!:)(In the meantime here are a couple photos…of course, I’m a photographer.)

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Ginger Smith - August 28, 2010 - 7:33 am

I’m just sayin…. the black and white of you is PERFECT!

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