I Chase Things.

I have pictures that are in my head: ideas that I have catalogued if the perfect scenario presents itself. One of those is to catch the railroad tracks near our house while it is foggy. I want to catch the tracks disappearing into the fog rather than the horizon. The difficulty with that, is that I am not a weather man. Nor am I well versed in the perfect conditions for early morning foggy time. So this morning I packed my camera bag because after my Starbucks grande bold with a bit of soy milk I was going to finish up a project I have been working on. (Forgive my grammar andĀ miscellaneousĀ ill composed sentences.) On the way to the iconic green beacon tattooed in neon light, I saw something wonderful…FOG. Foggy time. And best of all, I had my camera with me. It was also very serendipitous because I generally substitute teach in Tomball–but I had no assignment this morning. AND: the light was perfect for that dusky, raw look I wanted. This boy: wielding his memory capturing contraption pulled off to the side of the road, hiked through a forest of overgrown grass, and grabbed some great shots. I hope these make your day–they sure did make mine. I love these little moments of life: so simple, yet so perfect.

This one (above) is the true shot I have been hunting. The others are just icing on the cake.

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