It’s the Holiday Season!

Love love love love love the Holiday Season. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years: truly the most wonderful time of the year. I love getting to spend time with family. Unfortunately, Ellen and I don’t make quite a ton of money yet, so traveling during the holidays to see my side of the family in Georgia just isn’t in the cards. We generally try to do a spring or summer trip out to Georgia. The days might not be spent together, but there is plenty of┬ánostalgia. I definitely miss my mother’s broccoli casserole, Grandma’s dressing, and even Aunt Veronica’s cole slaw. I miss sneaking into the kitchen and stealing little samples. I miss Papa. He was always chilling in a lazy-boy somewhere enjoying the youth of his grandchildren. I miss Pam starting the new tradition of all of the boys (8 of us) bringing the deserts. It was always interesting to see what came out of it. The rules were it had to be home-made and with out female intervention. If I remember correctly Josh made a trifle the first year that pretty much beat everyone out. And I cannot forget my father’s special recipe deviled eggs!

But I also enjoy the new memories I am getting to make. Ellen and I went out today to cut down a Christmas tree. Of course we picked the most unique tree around (it’s like 4 foot tall and 6 foot wide). I enjoy the new traditions/old traditions I get to be a part of with the Adam clan. I love that this year I was one of the four chefs for Thanksgiving Dinner. (I made rosemary potatoes and grilled brusselsprouts and onions.) I am glad that Ma and Mrs. Lezlie love to start their Christmas music in October just like me.:)I am thankful that Pa is still with us with such a crazy year: he has a smile I want my children to meet. My favorite this year was having the family over to our house for Vegetable Soup on Thanksgiving Night while everyone eagerly awaited Midnight Madness at the Outlet Mall.

But best of all–capturing yearly portraits of the family for Christmas Cards. I am so thankful that Ellen and I have been able to keep Randy Olive Photography going strong. We had over 50 clients this past year. Which doesn’t seem like a ton to all of the pro’s out there, but that was our first full year in business. I am very thankful for everyone who chose to allow us a little moment to capture your memories. We consider it an honor. I hope that you continue to use us. We can’t help but feel like a part of your lives in a tiny little way. So here is an invitation into our family! (Maybe soon I’ll be able to post portraits from my side of the family!)

The 13 of us. From left to right: Beau, Lindsay, Rhonda, Biff, Lynette, Fred, Andrew, Lezlie, John, Randy, Ellen, Natalie, and Jonathan.

It’s not really my bag to put a lot of edit into photos. But I thought this one (above) needed to have a little bit of an old flare to it: so I beat it up a bit (digitally speaking).The Armour ClanThe Armour Clan IIThe Olive ClanThe Original ArmourThe Adam Clan…again…
The Adam Clanand a little shot of Lindsay and Ricardo (Ricardo-r)
I just like how this looks!

A thanks goes out to Lindsay and Ricardo for helping snap the shot when I had to be in the photo. Also to Andrew and Ricardo for standing for me so that I could still direct the shoots.


Laura Shook - November 30, 2010 - 9:09 am

Awesome photos of an awesome family!

Mary-Stewart - November 30, 2010 - 1:59 pm

I wish the 4 of the Finn family was able to be together with the Olive family before this time of year so you could make us look AWESOME for our Christmas cards… maybe next year. :) These are so good! I love how stylish everyone is!

Nelda West - November 30, 2010 - 8:20 pm

What wonderful photos. I guess when you’ve got such great subjects, the photographer doesn’t really have to be that good? lol Seriously, you did a fantastic job!

Kelli - November 30, 2010 - 9:38 pm

Ya’ll are just adorable. Happy Holidays!

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