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Friends who stick closer than a brother. Matt and Mary-Stewart Finn are family to us. Not by blood, but by brethren-ity. Ellen and I love the Finn family dearly. As a matter of fact we continue to try and convince them that they need to move to Texas so that they are nearer to us. Matt works in DC as some computer nerd. DC sucks if you ask me. There is no place like Texas. So obviously they need to move here.:)Mary-Stewart, Isabelle, and Liana launched out here to Houston for a visit with blood relatives. But of course Ellen and I crashed that party so that we could see the girls. We made sure we were in town (GA at the time) to visit when Liana was born so that we could be around to meet her. Twoish years later when Isabelle was born we weren’t so fortunate to have the means to see her first days. This trip was the first time were were able to meet Isabelle. She is wonderful. It was so good to visit with Mary-Stewart, Liana, and Isabelle. They are missed very very much. A lot like Houston, Texas misses winter. Just to sit and hang with the girls would have been amazing enough, but there indeed was more. Momlinda (Melinda to most), Mary-Stewart’s mother was there as well. Momlinda was like a mom to me growing up. I love getting to visit with her. She has always been so encouraging to me. But there was still indeed more. The party we crashed was being held at our new best friend’s house: MV and Davids. Let me tell you what: it is worth another blog just to talk about how amazing the day was that we spent in Memorial City, where MV and David live. They are fabulous people. David is about as laid back as possible. I spent much of the day with him watching football–outside on the patio, with a fire-pit going. AMAZING! (Except for the loss by my UGA football squad.) We sat in fellowship the best way boys know how: little talking, lots of football, and beers(/wine). And then there is his wife, MV. If you were to bottle up a billion butterflies, mix them with the life of the party, add a pinch of class clown, slow roast that with all the sunshine you can gather, and top of with the biggest hug you can muster up–you come close to the person who is Mary-Van. I don’t know how else to put this: she is amazing. Ellen and I had such a great Saturday. We arrived at their house about 11:30am and left at 10:30pm. Many smiles were piled up in our to-go bags as we ventured back to the CYP. Our day was planned just to visit a little for lunch, snap a couple shots of the girls, hugs and salutations. I’m so glad it turned out to be a full day of food, friends, mass, football, fire, and laughter. Enough said. Here are my sweet little nieces.


mina - November 15, 2010 - 4:22 pm

oh, my sweet LORD, Randy! YOU NAILED IT BROTHER! i mean to tell ya- you have David & Mary Van down to a T! and i am so glad you love my sister (and Mom & nieces) the way you do! i am thrilled beyond words that you got to hang w/that part of my family!!!!! i love them (and you too) to pieces!!!!! GREAT pix!!!! big hugs from GA!
ps- Texas IS the BEST!!!!!

Mary-Stewart - November 18, 2010 - 11:20 pm

You and Ellen are so awesome Randy! Thank you for this sweet surprise! I love these! Of course our time spent with the two of you was so NOT long enough!! :( But, I know that we will get to see y’all again… hopefully next time with Matt! We love y’all!!!!!!!

John Mosbey - November 19, 2010 - 12:50 am

Randy, This is great. Wow! what wonderful talent you display (and what wonderful grandchildren Melinda and I have!). come to Ireland to visit…I know it’s not Texas, but it’s great none-the-less.
Look forward to meeting Ellen.

marlit stansell - November 19, 2010 - 2:09 pm

So, don’t these babybeauties make you wanna get some of your own??

Great job, R. It’ll be nice seeing you again sometime and meeting Ms Ellen. And, YES, you pegged MV…hmmm…lotsa butterflies…class clown…couldn’t ‘ve said it better m’self!
marlit (Memaw’s sis)

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