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New Years Eve: 2010

We have never looked forward to a new year quite like the anticipation for 2011. (For many reasons.) A new year means new memories to be made. 2010 was full of them for Ellen and I. We were able to be part of sharing in many great memories. We were able to capture first kisses […]

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Chase Family

If ever there was a moment when one might ask the question: How many extremely talented creative people can fit into one family before the world collapses on itself, then the answer would be: six. The Chase family is seriously one of the most interesting, amazing combinations of creative people ever. At the head of the table is Dan. […]

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The Duchess Gertrude

Here we are on Christmas Eve. The bustle outside our doors is screaming of family merriment. (Mostly of merriment anyways…I am sure there are a few cross people.) The Olive’s are readying themselves for the annual Adam Christmas Eve celebration. And no that is not a clever play on mixing “Adam” into the “Eve” of Christmas: […]

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Ben and Katie: Just Like Campbell’s Soup!

MMM MMM Good! Ben and Katie are great friends of ours. We were so honored to shoot this gorgeous couple. Ben is the one every guy wants to be and every girl wants to marry. He is about as nice as a guy can be, smart, athletic, encouraging, etcetera etcetera. (He should be the guy in […]

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A Request From Abby’s Mom

Hey. Everyone that followed the story of Hope Abigail: the Gordon family is trying to do an appreciation day for the nurses at Methodist Willowbrook. Below is a copy of Melinda’s entry on her blog. Request for December 17 Calling all friends, family, friends of family, blog followers… We are hosting a nurse appreciation day […]

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