Clients can often become friends. This is definitely the case with Zach, Natalie, and now Cooper. Ellen and I got the chance to meet this awesome family when we did Natalie’s maternity shoot. They asked us back into their lives to capture their newborn son: Cooper.

Cooper is such a cool baby. I know that is a phrase that is supposed to be said of babies. (No one would ever say: dude that baby sucks!) But Cooper really is a cool baby. He looks like he is just ready to tell you the most ridiculously funny knock-knock-joke, offer advice on your life’s troubles, or just be a listening ear. We don’t do many baby photos, but I am glad we could be the photographers to help make memories for Zack and Natalie.

We divided this shoot into two sections. The first was great, on location, and it turned out beautifully. The second was going to be a quick mini session at the apartment of Zach and Natalie to get some shots of Coop’s nook. Well, I packed up my gear and headed out. Arrived. Chatted a little bit as I set up my gear. Flicked the camera on…no power. Funny. Flicked it off and back on. No power. Incredibly embarrassing rookie mistake–no battery. Trying to be a big more organized this year, I spent the new year break reorganizing my office. Also, I now charge the batteries out of site in a storage area. Out of site out of mind–no battery in camera when I packed my bags. Stupid.

The bad news: I look completely unprofessional. The good news: Zach and Natalie are awesome. We rescheduled for the next day, which turned out to be more than okay for them. They kicked me out, brought Cooper to grandma and grandpa’s house, and had a chance to have a lunch date together. (Awesome.)

The mini session with Coopers nook was greatish. Great because we got some cool shots of him kicking it with his stuffed animals…ish because he decided to breakdown halfway into the shoot. It’s all good though. There are a few detail shots of his things, and then the star of the show: Cooper Grindel.

(And lesson learned–slow down, check battery status.:)) Enjoy.

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Aunt Cissy - January 22, 2011 - 11:02 pm

What a precious moment with Cooper and his mom and dad. He is a prize in this family, as he is loved by all who have seen him. His mom is terrific: smart, motivated, and ready for motherhood. His dad is one handsome drumming father, proud as punch to have an adorable and very healthy son. How much more can one ask then these qualities combined! I look forward to watching this little boy grow to be another special child, as far as this aunt is concerned. His cousins Allyson, Nicolas, Caleb, Natalia, and Joshua will certainly have a great time when they are all together. I love you Natalie, Zach, and Cooper, from Aunt Cissy.

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