Ask any wedding photographer that is in love with their work and they will tell you that one of the most difficult things in the biz is to take some amazing bridal portraits and have to sit on them for months while waiting for the big day to arrive so that you can post said pictures for the world to fall in love with. (Run-on sentence intended.) It’s like waiting for Christmas day! Well, we have a few poster children for this anxiety…and finally here is the revelation of one of those: Jennifer Blome (now) Neauhaus. Last night was simply put: amazing. More of that to follow in the next days, but I want this blog to celebrate Jennifer. We struggled with trying to find the location to shoot her session. We almost zoned in on a location when I threw a kink in the system. Will and Jenn were to be married in Round Top, Texas. The ceremony to be held St. John’s Lutheran and the reception to follow at Marburger Farms. Will and Jenn decided that they would do the engagement shoot at Marburger, and while we were on that shoot I suggested to do the bridals there as well. The most outstanding coordinator I have worked with to date, Deborah Bradley, worked her magic and we were good to go! A few days later we fell in love with this location. The bridal session was perfect. (Although it’s difficult to take a bad picture of such a beautiful woman.) Jennifer was radiant in her gown. She already has a great smile, but there was a little dash of fairytale in there when she donned her dress. Ellen and I were like kids in a candy story mixing the elegance of Jennifer with the character Marburger Farms brings to the plate.

Many references were made to the Royal Wedding last night since we are still in the wake of that event…however there was only one princess last night: Jennifer. Congratulations Will and Jennifer. I am sure we will be seeing you soon!

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