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Hey everyone. Here is a roll of film I shot with the family on a little outing to New Braunfels Texas. These are all shot with a Canon AE-1. I love shooting around with film. I admit this: I am a photographer product of the digital age. My first SLR was a DSLR. So none of these are perfect in technicality. But I don’t care–I love the way they turned out. There is just something so cool with putting film in an old camera and waiting (yes…waiting in a digital instant gratification world) to see the little anomalies that tend to pop up. There is something to the manual fight with machine to produce something beautiful. The feel of these really inspire me to appreciate the beauty of the mundane. I think of paintings like Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks: such a simple, unobtrusive, unmotivating (made up word) subject–yet simply amazing and critically masterful. Art truly is life. Enjoy.

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Lezlie - October 23, 2011 - 10:02 am

How awesome! I love them!!!!!

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