Luis and Lara

Okay, so seriously I have started this blog like three different times trying to figure out the most perfect and clever phrase to get you sucked into the photos that are to follow. Here is where the problem lies: when you get a chance to capture such an amazing event as this one–you are overwhelmed by the memories. Grabbing onto just one piece is hard. It’s like when a 5 year old explains their first trip to Disney Land in scattered-fragments of excitement: a so to speak Dr.Seuss book in a word blender. Slow down, pace yourself–right? Well, here are my favorite memory snap shots. First was when Lara walked out of the pages of “Most Gorgeous Brides of 2012” and through the doors of the church. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. When the time came of her to proceed in with their father it looked like a spotlight was following Lara–the whole place was glowing with awe! Then we get the chance to meet one of the nicest grooms we have ever worked with. Luis was himself a stunning charm-cicle. My snippets of him are two fold–first is a sweet moment that happened too quickly to capture when he and his grandmother were locked in a glance that spoke: I love you, I’m proud of you, you are a wonderful man, and will be a fantastic husban—all in the flash of a millisecond. The second was when he saw Lara for the first time coming down the aisle. He was in a priceless stare that read: she chose me—wow!

The wedding was beautiful. The setting was St.Ignatius Loyola Catholic Chirch. It was lit mostly by the natural light and filled with love. The Father gave a perfect message that was personal and perfect to join together Lara and Luis.

Then we move into the reception…all I can say is dance envy.
Everyone in the room seemed to be born with a natural ability to move their hips like an invisible hoopla hoop contest. (All the while maintaining rhythm like human metronomes.) The night was filled with a mariachi band, an Arabic band, a Spanish DJ, a belly dancer, an amazing mediteranian cuisine, champagne, wine, friends, family and a contageous atmosphere of love. But my favorite part of the whole evening was this line dance that broke out. Everyone began to link up, lean to, and line dance. It was fabulous. Ellen and I had a blast shooting this weeding. We are very thankful to Lara and Luis for trusting us to be a part of your perfect day. Enjoy this little preview as we finish up the details.

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lara haddad guerra - May 10, 2012 - 10:17 pm

what a sweetly written intro! Truly a pleasure dealing with you olives :) im so anxious to see the rest now!!!!

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