Cancun Part Uno

Friday morning, Carina picked us up from our hotel along with Emilio (youth pastor), Jenny, Baby Jethro, and Betty.  Along the way, we picked up Dani and Judith and went into Leona Vicario, a village just outside of Cancun where the youth from Comunidad de Fe regularly serve the under-privileged locals.  They put together “Dispensias,” boxes of the necessities to give to the residents.  They are building friendships there.  The people are so beautiful and kind and gracious.  Almost all of them invited us into their homes: just one room built with wood and tree limbs with hammocks for sleeping.

Later that day, when the students finished school, they met us to give out more Dispensias and sandwiches around Cancun as they saw needs.  This group of students is amazing and their heart to serve is inspiring!  Keep reading to see our favorite story of all about how they have helped Enelda!

Here I am with Kristy waiting for Carina to pick us up from our hotel.  We are both wearing blue in honor of our sweet friend, Laura Shook, and National Dress In Blue Day (March 1st) for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.  (Kat Monroy was also wearing her “I am Community of Faith” shirt that day!)

We are staying in Fiesta Inn, a new hotel in a mall in the business district of Cancun.

This is one of the first ladies in Leona Vicario we gave food to.  How sweet is she??

This is a typical home in this village.

They are surrounded by such beauty!

This is their taxi service.  Cab fare is usually no more than $1.

We ate lunch at Judith’s house.  She is our liaison to the community and helps identify true needs.  Her 6 year old son, Jaime, was a lovely host as well.:)

They raise chickens and goats and have the most beautiful, lush yard on the side of their house.

Below: Birds of a feather stick together!  Little chickies!

This is Jaime!  He is very sweet and loves futbol (soccer) and basketball and even has a pet squirrel (keep scrolling!)Orchids just grow naturally here.  How beautiful!
Below is Baby Jethro, son of Emilio and Jenny who are the youth pastors of Comunidad de Fe.  He is almost 6 months old and is the mascot of the church!  Such a good baby!

This was the amount of eggs laid before lunch from Judith’s chickens.  Amazing!
Here is their pet squirrel!!  He is kept in a cage outside of Jaime’s window.  I wasn’t about to tell him how big of a nuisance they are in Texas… or what my dad does when they try eating his fig tree!
Across the street from Judith’s home, there is this little store.  I loved the Santa sitting outside!
As we walked a dirt path up to another friend’s home, we spotted this handsome guy!  He was HUGE!
This lady had the sweetest laugh I’ve ever heard!  She talked with us for awhile!
This is Emilio – who also has a great laugh!!  What a blessing he is to Comunidad de Fe!
Below is another house we visited – constructed a bit differently than the other homes we saw.  The lady who lives here is raising her 5 grandchildren and caring for her ill husband.
This is her laundry area!
Another friend!
Here it is.  Below is a picture of Carina, Jenny, Enelda, and Emilio.  As the youth group got to know more and more of this community, they met Enelda and learned that she was blind.  They were burdened to know this and decided that she needed more than just food and friendship.  They started fundraising and raised enough money to pay for her to have surgery on her eyes.  When it was time, they picked her up, drove her into Cancun and payed for her eye surgery!  Now, she can see!!  What an amazing gift of love!

We met the students at Jenny’s German deli in Cancun.  This is their menu board.  I just love what the bottom translates to: “Eat healthy, Eat gourmet = Now! French Fries!”  I thought there was something very American about that!:)

It was a great day!  Photos and stories from Saturday will be next!  I am getting ready to walk to a neighboring hotel where the three services for Comunidad de Fe are held.  We are so excited to see our new friends and to hear Marco preach in Spanish!


Ma - March 3, 2013 - 11:32 am

Love the pictures but more I love the peek into the lives of those God has sent you to serve.

Lezlie Armour - March 3, 2013 - 1:14 pm

Love the pictures and blog! Even the squirrel! Hahahaha!
Love you!

Laura Shook - March 3, 2013 - 2:53 pm

Love the pictures! All of them!! Thanks for sharing the story of what God is doing in Cancun!

Carina Monroy - March 3, 2013 - 5:51 pm

Love the pictures! and we have loved having you here!

Jenny - March 5, 2013 - 6:47 pm

Nos encanto tenerlos en Cancun, que sigan siendo de bendición alrededor del mundo!!! los esperamos pronto…
Saludos a todos en Houston

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