Adam Armour Olive

Friday January 1, 2016

Dear Adam,

Welcome to 2016! It’s officially the year of your birth! We will always remember this year. Just the other day, your dad and I were going over each month of 2016 and how exciting you are going to make them!

Your dad has been writing to you since he found out we were pregnant – even before we knew you were a boy! Each letter is full of love and wisdom and life lessons he wants to make sure you know. I know one day you will treasure those words.

I want to write to you during this last trimester (28 weeks yesterday! We are 7 months pregnant!) and just try to put into words my joy and anticipation for you.

I celebrated my 30th birthday a few days ago on December 28th. Your dad took me to Bryan, Texas (amongst other fun dates!) for a private couple’s prenatal yoga session with our friend Lexi at Om Grown Yoga. It was a wonderful and relaxing session, but the best part was at the end. She had us lay next to each other and hold hands and she guided us in a beautiful meditation and blessing over you and over us becoming parents. She had us visualize every moment of your BIRTHday – including what you look like! We imagined our feelings and emotions of driving to the hospital, the feeling of seeing you for the first time and hearing your first cries, and even visualizing us bringing you home! (In my daydream, Ollie is super excited to meet you and will remain calm. Ha! We shall see!) Then she had us silently pray for each other in becoming parents – at which point the tears started flowing. I can’t wait to watch Randy become a dad! I know he will love you beautifully and creatively. She had us each meditate on three words we would choose for ourselves as parents and then meditate on our hope for your life. I just could not stop crying as my joy for you was overflowing!

Later that night, Randy and I shared our words with each other. Mine are:
1. strong
2. consistent
3. loving

There are many more words that I hope that I emulate for you, but those three are very important to me. As I shared these with your dad, he replied, “Oh, you will be! You will be the ‘Ma’ in our family.” What a compliment! Ma is your great grandmother who is one of my heros. You will be blessed to know her! She will pray for you every day of your life! (I bet she’s already started!) If I can emulate her strength, consistency, and love, I am confident that I will be a good mother! (Oh, and her last name is ADAM! This is no coincidence, dear one!)

We are preparing for new floors to be installed starting on Monday. (This is all for you!) We have been purging and cleaning and organizing like crazy these past couple of days! People call this “nesting.” Sweet baby, it is an honor to prepare this nest for you! God is definitely in this home and in your room and we pray you will know His peace and love here. It has been a place of growth, healing, and restoration for us and for friends who have stayed here. We are all loving how your room is coming together. (Huge thanks to your super talented “Mimi” / Shellie McBeth for helping me with the design elements!) Just tonight, Ollie led me into your room – just to be on your rug for a minute.

As I type, you are moving around and I absolutely love it. I treasure these moments.

I plan on writing out more about my pregnancy in the next few days: how I found out about you, how I told your dad and my family, etc. You are already so loved and such a gift in our lives!

My precious boy, I love you so much. You are my joy!

With my whole heart,


Lezlie - January 1, 2016 - 11:48 pm

This is absolutely beautiful!
Adam is one blessed little boy with you as his mommy!
Love you!

sherry naron - January 1, 2016 - 11:51 pm

You are going to be such a good mom! Love this!

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