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January 19, 2016

Dear Adam,

This past weekend, I took a tour of the maternity wing at Memorial Hermann Katy. It was all well and good (thanks to your cousins, J. and Addie, recently being born there) until we went into one of the labor and delivery rooms. I’ve never been in one! They are so big and nice, but as I stood there looking around, my heart started beating faster and it hit me that very soon, I will be in a room just like that one bringing you into the world and getting to meet you for the first time! Surreal!

I want to write out my memories of how I told your dad about you this past summer. In my last letter, I wrote about how I found out about you. I knew I wanted to tell Randy in person and that I wanted to video his response. So I decided that I would tell him at the dinner table after dinner that night when he got home from work!

Plan A involved me sitting in Randy’s usual chair so that he would have to sit in mine (for better lighting for the video!) and when he was done eating and picked up Ollie (a nightly ritual), I would pretend like I was taking a photo of them (but really have it on video) and tell him I was pregnant! Great plan, right? Except that once dinner started, our friend stopped by! I needed a Plan B!

Plan B – I needed to walk Ollie after dinner, and I asked if Randy wanted to join us. I would let him hold the leash so I could do the fake photo thing again on my phone… but Randy had a lot to talk about regarding work and ended up talking the whole time. On to Plan C… (I was becoming very nervous / anxious / excited!)

Plan C – we actually had a relaxing evening at home that night and were watching recordings of Jimmy Fallon. It was already getting dark outside (NOT in my original plan for lighting! Ha!) when he got on the floor to play with Ollie. He picked him up and they were being so cute, so I said, “Aww – hold him still and let me take a photo!” Smooth. Here was my chance. I slid my camera app to video mode and said, “Hey guess what? WE’RE PREGNANT!” (Video in link below!)

We Are Pregnant

I think the funniest part of his reaction is that he kept asking if I was serious! How terrible of a joke would that have been? Of course I was serious!

My favorite part is his eyes when he covers his mouth. Sweetness. His life changed forever in that instant!

The next moments included shock and sweet long hugs and showing him the two pink lines. That night, we prayed for you together. I’ve always known Randy would make an awesome dad – and I was finally getting to watch it happen!

The next day, I called the doctor to make an appointment to confirm the pregnancy. I went in the following week and you were definitely confirmed! You were still too little to see via sonogram (about 6 weeks), but we saw your “sac”. They printed out that photo anyway for us. We had a list of questions to ask and I learned things like taking DHA for your brain and what I could and could not eat, etc. We were waiting for my family to return home from Alaska before we started telling friends and family. That will be my next post (and another video)!

I hope that when you read these letters one day you will feel loved and treasured. We already know that your life is a gift to us. You are adding so much value and love and joy to our family!

So much love,


Lezlie armour - January 19, 2016 - 11:15 am

Love this!!!!!!
Love you!i am so excited to meet Adam who we already love!

sherry naron - January 19, 2016 - 7:29 pm

The best pregnancy announcement of all time! What a treasure for Adam to be able to see his dad’s reaction the second he knew…so awesome!!!! You are so smart!!!

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