Telling the Family

Dear Adam,

If the weather cooperates this afternoon, your dad is taking maternity portraits of me! I have had such a wonderful pregnancy with you and am excited to document this time for me to remember. I am so thankful for my body – what a gift from God! That it works, that it walks, that it sees, that it hears, and that it can grow and sustain LIFE… your life!

Here’s a life lesson that took me way too long to learn… We only get one body. And it most certainly is a gift. It is our only vehicle with which we get to travel through life. It houses our spirit and mind and emotions while here on earth. It will not go to Heaven with us. We have it for a limited time. We owe it to God (the Giver of all good things) to love it, appreciate it, to fuel it, and to treat it well. It matters how we view it. It matters what we feed it. I pray you have a positive body image always and understand true health and nutrition at an early age! Your body will not be perfect, but it is still a gift to be taken care of!

And here’s another fun memory from early in this pregnancy. I last wrote about how I told your dad about you. I could not WAIT to tell my family! They were in Alaska on a mission trip but I definitely wanted to tell them in person, so we had to wait a week. My mom (your “Yaya”) planned an Alaskan dinner for us when they came home. I made sure Ma and Pa would also be there and came up with another fun announcement plan that would be captured on video!

The night before our Alaskan dinner, we FaceTimed your Nana (your dad’s mom). We were going to make the rounds on FaceTime (video chat feature on our iPhones. Crazy that when you read this one day, these will be ancient forms of technology! Ha!) to all of Randy’s family members (they all live near Atlanta, Georgia), BUT as luck would have it, they were all together at dinner to celebrate Jaxon’s birthday! Nana passed around the phone so we could say hi to everyone and when it landed back to her, Randy asked, “Who’s missing?” She was quite confused. He said, “I don’t know, someone’s missing from this picture. You’re missing a grandchild!” And we slowly moved our first ultrasound photo onto the screen. She immediately started crying. We could hear your Uncle Jesse in the background who thought something was really wrong, but your Aunt Jeneen knew right away that we were PREGNANT! So then they passed the phone around again in celebration and to share congratulations! What fun!

That night, we also FaceTimed someone very dear to us, Matt McCord (Mills’ dad; also in Georgia). He has known your dad for about 20 years and has invested much time and wisdom into his life! He was about to go on directing a band show, so the celebration was short and sweet, but he called us later that night and said the sweetest prayer over you that has stuck in my ears and my heart ever since. In his prayer, he said that the Holy Spirit already resides in me, and asked God that he would be very real to you even in the womb. That you could be born already knowing, sensing, and recognizing the love and peace and gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit. Wow. I have echoed this prayer numerous times. What a precious man and mentor and friend. Your dad will probably tell you lots of stories about him!

Saturday finally arrived. I was off work and went to my parents’ house early for a baby shower for your Aunt Jamie (Cooper’s mama who lived in your bedroom before she married Uncle Beau!). It was so crazy knowing that no one knew about you yet, but we would be celebrating YOU in a few months! Carrying that secret made me excitedly nervous that entire day!

Ellen and Nat

(Photo from Jamie’s shower – Natalie and I pregnant together! Me with Adam, Natalie with Addie)

The shower ended and we waited for the rest of my family to arrive for dinner. It felt like it was taking forever!! Everyone arrived and we set the table. Papa (my dad) prayed and right after he said Amen, while everyone was actually still seated, Randy got up and said, “This is quite a beautiful spread! Before we eat, let me get a photo of everyone really quickly!” He borrowed my trick and slid his phone to video mode. Everyone posed and smiled as he counted, “1… 2… 3…” and I said, “I’m pregnant!” and just waited for a reaction. It felt like an eternity before anyone reacted. I thought, “Did I actually say it out loud? Did anyone hear me??” Haha. My mom said in disbelief, “Uh uh!” I looked at her and smiled with confirmation and she SQUEALED and everyone went crazy! Your Aunt Natalie said she thought I was joking to just make everyone smile! My mom and Ma asked when I was due. When they learned it was March, they said together, “Cancel Israel!” They were scheduled to travel to Israel that month, but they weren’t about to miss your grand entrance!

(Video in link below)

Telling the Family

Sweet boy, you have quite the tribe waiting in anticipation for you! We just had our first baby shower this weekend, and the amount of love and blessings poured out over your arrival is pretty astounding. You are so loved!

You have my heart,

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Tracy Collier - February 2, 2016 - 10:39 pm

That was beautiful!!!

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