Adam: 4 Months

Dear Adam,

You turned 4 months old this past Friday! This has been our favorite month so far! We love all of your smiles and laughs and “words.”

This past month, your dad and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. We hope to teach you about love, loyalty, commitment, and communication through our marriage. We are already praying for your marriage and for your wife.

This month, you also started giving to one of our favorite charities, Rescue Pink. (It really is in your name!) You are giving $5 per month to help them open two more community centers in India that will provide after school programs for girls and a nutrition and education program for pregnant and lactating mamas. You are cheering on your fellow babies across the globe and I am rooting for their mamas! May you learn to always be generous with your time, talents, and resources.

You experienced your first Armour Weekend! Every Memorial Day, your YaYa and Poppa treat us to a weekend getaway all together. This was our second year in a row to stay at Horseshoe Bay on Lake LBJ, but we added you and Addie this year. The more the merrier! You loved the boat ride. You did not love the yacht club. You also did not love sleeping the first night. Oh well! I know that this tradition will soon become one of your favorite events of the year – as it is mine.

You got to meet our sweet friends, Summer, Anne, and Briggs. Anne McClain is a real life astronaut and is one of the smartest people we know – and what’s cool is she’s also one of the kindest. She’s in the running to possibly go to Mars one day! You wore your spaceship onesie for her. They gave you a space suit costume! Maybe you can wear it for Halloween?

Last highlight I’ll mention is that your (Great) Pa held you for the first time. He likes to wait for the babies to be a little bigger and have a little head control. It was so special for me to see you two together: Mr. Adam and Mr. Adam! May you grow up to be as strong and steadfast as our Pa!

Here are your four month “stats”:

Love: Fran the fan (any ceiling fan), Lamby (a big, black and white, stuffed lamb you talk to every night), your swing- finally!, playing on your activity mat, Watching Daniel Tiger and natures shows with Dad, bath time in the big bath tub, Cousin Day – especially letting your big girl cousin, Addie (6 weeks older), take care of you

Do NOT love: tummy time 

Favorite food: Mommy Milk 💪🏼

Favorite song: “Skinamarinky Dinky Dink” (I sit you in my lap facing me and I do the hand motions with your hands. It’s a blast!)

Accomplishments: Grew into to 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers, first Armour Weekend, first road trip, first boat ride; slept 10 hours straight (only once, but your nights are getting SO much better!), rolled over- back to stomach

My Adam boy,

You truly are my joy and my heart. You’re my boy forever. I love you.


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