Adam: 6 Months

Dear Adam,

How in the world have you been here half a year already? What a joy you are. Six months old is so much fun. You are learning something new almost every day!

Many of my friends posted back-to-school photos of their kids today. I know that will be you very soon! I pray that God will help me cherish the little moments that may seem mundane – I know that’s where some sweet memories will be made.

From July 17 – August 17:

July 20 marked one year since we found out we were pregnant with you! Our entire world changed that day.

You met your newest baby friend, Nora Jane Jackson. Her older brother, Nash, wanted to trade babies because he wants a brother.:)

Your Aunt Leah Olive had to come to Houston for work, so she spent the night with us and you got to meet her! You loved her! Uncle Travis Face-timed in.

This month, I achieved a huge goal when I got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight! Probably thanks to breastfeeding and me carrying you around all the time. You are getting quite heavy!

At this year’s Alaska dinner (which is when YaYa and Poppa come home from their Alaska mission trip and we eat fresh Alaskan salmon!), Baboo / Uncle Andrew finally held you! If you’re like J., he will quickly become your favorite.

We took a road trip – just the two of us! – to Tyler, Texas to visit my old mentor and youth pastor, Whitney Prosperi. You did so well! You loved Mrs. Whitney, Mr. Randy, Annabelle, and Libby! (And I got a speeding ticket in a speed trap heading home. Boo.)

Last mention and most special, you were baptized / dedicated at Chapelwood UMC where I sing each week with Mr. Wayne Watson. It was such a beautiful moment! We vowed to raise you in the faith and to do our best to point you to Jesus. Our family vowed to support us and encourage us in this endeavor. You were surrounded by our family and friends like YaYa, Papa, Ma, Pa, Baboo, Uncle Jonathan, Addie, the Santoses, the McBeths, the Loesers, the Snells, and the Schotts. Pastor John Stephens baptized you and prayed for you and asked the congregation to speak out words of blessing over your life. Some of the words were: Strength, Believer, Musical, Wisdom, Integrity, and Good Teenage Years :). My blessing for you was Faithfulness. Your dad’s was Creativity. May each of these words be true of your life. May you know God early and recognize His Spirit. This is the most important thing we could teach you, show you, and leave you.

Here are your current stats…

Love: smiling and making faces, your bouncy activity exersaucer, your swing, chewing on everything, finding new noises to make, splashing in the bath, reading books

Do NOT love: sleeping through the night… still.

Favorite food: Mommy Milk 💪🏼 (but we just introduced food this week! I’ll write about that in your next update!)

Favorite song: The Star Spangled Banner (in honor of the summer Olympics in Rio! Team USA!!)

Accomplishments: You finally remembered how to roll from tummy to back, so now you move all over your crib; you are very vocal and always finding new sounds

My Adam boy, this has been such a fun month. I have a feeling that it will just keep getting better! My heart has grown from the amount of love I have for you, my dear one. I am trying to be the best mommy I can be for you. God is granting me enough grace and patience and energy for each day. Life with you is such a gift.

I love you forever!

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