I Hope I Remember, Part 3

Dear Adam,

There are a few things lately that really make me feel like a “mom.”

I think I’ve mentioned on here how much I love your baby armpits. So weird, right? Something only a mother would love. And I’m sure I won’t love them so much in 12 years. Ha!

Well, I also hope I remember how much I love your knee caps. They are so rubbery squishy right now and I absolutely love them.

Your strange mother

Adam: 5 Months

Dear Adam,

This is a bit behind, but I still wanted to write your 5 month update!

From June 17 – July 17

You helped Daddy celebrate his first Father’s Day! You gave him a new saw that he picked out and surprised him with a painting by your cousin, Ryan Ebelt, called “A Superhero’s Day Off” depicting Batman eating breakfast. I actually bought this last December when I was pregnant! I loved the idea that a true superhero never really gets a day off. (Also, Batman is your dad’s favorite!) I hope your dad is your top superhero! We all celebrated that night at Aunt Rhonda’s and Uncle Biff’s, and you got to swim for the first time!

We also celebrated Ollie’s 7th birthday which means we’ve had him for four years! I hope you two will become best of friends.

Pa had a really intense reconstructive surgery on his head to try and repair the damage caused by radiation treatment. When he finally got to come, you were great medicine to him as we made frequent visits. You can light up any room, my love!

You celebrated your first July 4th! We went to Mimi and BB’s lake house and spent the night. It was a blast.

Lastly, your mama’s sweet friend, Mrs. Emily Franks, took us to lunch and a super fun treat: Float Baby! A baby day spa in town where you got to float in a big tub and then received a baby massage. What a treat! You have the best life ever.:)

And now for your stats:

Love: your toes (and trying to eat them), smiling, your play mat, your colorful rattle/ chew toy

Do not love: sleeping through the night anymore.  We’re experiencing the dreaded 4-month sleep regression and praying it passes quickly; shots, Children’s Tylenol

Favorite food: Mommy Milk

Favorite song: All Creatures of our God and King

Accomplishments: You started laughing! (melt my heart!), you can roll from back to front (and then you get mad), started sitting in your Bumbo chair, at your 4 month appointment you were 13 lb, 6.6 oz and 24.5″ long, survived (barely) your 4 month shots

Adam boy, you are my delight.
I love you forever.


Adam: 4 Months

Dear Adam,

You turned 4 months old this past Friday! This has been our favorite month so far! We love all of your smiles and laughs and “words.”

This past month, your dad and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. We hope to teach you about love, loyalty, commitment, and communication through our marriage. We are already praying for your marriage and for your wife.

This month, you also started giving to one of our favorite charities, Rescue Pink. (It really is in your name!) You are giving $5 per month to help them open two more community centers in India that will provide after school programs for girls and a nutrition and education program for pregnant and lactating mamas. You are cheering on your fellow babies across the globe and I am rooting for their mamas! May you learn to always be generous with your time, talents, and resources.

You experienced your first Armour Weekend! Every Memorial Day, your YaYa and Poppa treat us to a weekend getaway all together. This was our second year in a row to stay at Horseshoe Bay on Lake LBJ, but we added you and Addie this year. The more the merrier! You loved the boat ride. You did not love the yacht club. You also did not love sleeping the first night. Oh well! I know that this tradition will soon become one of your favorite events of the year – as it is mine.

You got to meet our sweet friends, Summer, Anne, and Briggs. Anne McClain is a real life astronaut and is one of the smartest people we know – and what’s cool is she’s also one of the kindest. She’s in the running to possibly go to Mars one day! You wore your spaceship onesie for her. They gave you a space suit costume! Maybe you can wear it for Halloween?

Last highlight I’ll mention is that your (Great) Pa held you for the first time. He likes to wait for the babies to be a little bigger and have a little head control. It was so special for me to see you two together: Mr. Adam and Mr. Adam! May you grow up to be as strong and steadfast as our Pa!

Here are your four month “stats”:

Love: Fran the fan (any ceiling fan), Lamby (a big, black and white, stuffed lamb you talk to every night), your swing- finally!, playing on your activity mat, Watching Daniel Tiger and natures shows with Dad, bath time in the big bath tub, Cousin Day – especially letting your big girl cousin, Addie (6 weeks older), take care of you

Do NOT love: tummy time 

Favorite food: Mommy Milk 💪🏼

Favorite song: “Skinamarinky Dinky Dink” (I sit you in my lap facing me and I do the hand motions with your hands. It’s a blast!)

Accomplishments: Grew into to 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers, first Armour Weekend, first road trip, first boat ride; slept 10 hours straight (only once, but your nights are getting SO much better!), rolled over- back to stomach

My Adam boy,

You truly are my joy and my heart. You’re my boy forever. I love you.


Freedom Cousins

I have the world’s most talented and creative sister-in-law. Natalie is a brilliant attorney by day, decorator / artist / gourmet chef / builder / painter / tiler / handy-(wo)man by night (and weekends). Oh, and she’s married to my brother, and mom to J. Crockett and Addie Grace. I’m not sure when she sleeps, to be honest.

Her latest creative outlet is making baby clothes! Her business is launching this fall, but here’s a sneak peek of one of her summer designs, “Freedom,” modeled by the cutest cousins on the planet.

Stay tuned for more designs and details of how you can purchase these adorable baby clothes!

I love this next one of Addie holding Ma’s hand – her great-grandmother!
Real life… who knew it would be so difficult to get three babies to cooperate? But leave it to Addie-girl to come to Adam’s rescue. She is such a little mama to him!
“It’s ok, Baby Adam. I’ll take care of you!” -Addie
These two are only six weeks apart, and I hope they will be close buddies forever!
Here’s to summer and popsicles and cousin time and red, white, and blue!

Adam: 3 Months

May 17, 2016

Adam is three months old today! Here are some highlights from the last month…

Loves: ceiling fans(!), being outside, going on walks in his carrier / wrap, bath time, eating, Cousin Day at YaYa’s (Fridays)

Does not love: the hours between 5-8pm, his swing, pacifiers

Favorite food: Mommy milk!

Favorite song: dancing with Mom to Sleeping at Last songs before bedtime

Accomplishments: getting on the real growth charts comparing him to full-term babies, surviving his first round of vaccines, filling out his 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers, attending his first church services at Chapelwood UMC and Community of Faith, AND, last night he slept almost 7 hours straight! (He’s given us a few 6 hour stretches this month too!)

Enjoy these 3-month photos from this morning!

And a few images of what I usually look like in the mornings.:)

Dear Adam,

I just took a break from writing this to change your diaper and you peed on the wall.:)Oh the joys of boys!

You haven’t been the easiest baby, but you sure are the cutest; and this month you have started becoming more content. I think you’re getting used to your body and your home and the world outside the womb. I hope your strong opinions turn into great leadership skills as you grow up.

I am so proud of you and how you’ve grown! You started smiling at us this past month which thrills my soul. You also laugh in your sleep. Oh my heart! <3

I want to write out how we do your bedtime routine – mostly for me to remember. People keep telling me that this season will fly by, and I don’t want to forget the sweet little things.

At about 6 or 6:30pm, I wrap you in my Solly Baby carrier and we go on a walk with Ollie. Sometimes we stop at our pocket park and swing. You love this.

Then, we come home and your dad and I take turns eating dinner.

From about 7:10 – 7:30, I turn on Sleeping at Last and you and I dance around the kitchen. Even with as heavy as you’re getting, I love this part of the evening, and I love that it consoles you.

At 7:30, we give you a bath in the sink in your bathroom. We’ve learned all sorts of tricks to help you like bath time! We turn on the shower to get the bathroom nice and steamy, and we keep a warm, wet wash cloth on your tummy to keep you warm. Now, getting you out and drying you off is a different story. We need to learn some tricks for this part!

We take you in your room, put a diaper on you, give you baby massage with your lotion, and put on your pajamas. Then you and I sit in your rocker, I start feeding you, and your dad reads you a book or two. Then I sing 3 songs, your dad prays, then I pray, your dad turns on your sound machine and your oil diffuser, and I rock you to sleep.

I thank God all the time that I get to know you and be your mom! You are going to be a very special man – we know it. We can’t wait to see what you are interested in and who you become and what you pursue. We believe in you and will root for you for your whole life!

I love you, my beautiful boy!

Ma - May 17, 2016 - 6:32 pm

Well, after reading your mommy’ s words and tearing up during most of them, I’m overwhelmed at the love you inspire in all who know you. I’m praying every day for you and love you more than you’ll ever know. I am your “Ma”.

Ellen - May 17, 2016 - 9:13 pm

That was awesome Ellen!

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